Scope of Approvals

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Why Choose ATL Europe

To get your designs and modifications approved for release to service we have a comprehensive suite of structural and mechanical design certifications from leading aviation bodies.

Our comprehensive certification and STC coverage, coupled with various NAA Validated STCs enables you to:

  • Maximise your fleet availability with Aircraft Model List STCs also available
  • Increase your approval options with collaborative arrangements that ATL have with other EASA DOAs
  • Increase your speed to market through cohesive working with various EASA POA Organisations

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Major and Minor Design Changes and Repairs

Each project is classified in accordance with the required regulatory and customer requirements. This enables us to ensure that during the scoping of the project, assumptions are kept to an absolute minimum, therefore enabling a bespoke quotation to be generated.

This allows you to plan the integration timings at a time that suits you both in delivery and cost.

Our EASA Terms of Approval enables us to have a far reaching scope that encompass multiple product types and areas to meet your needs – if it isn’t within our scope we may still be able to help through third party working or agency support.

» See our full list of the Supplemental Type Certificates currently available from ATL Europe.

Please refer to this list regularly as new STCs will be included as obtained. If a particular STC you require is not listed, please contact us as we may still be able to assist.

EASA Aircraft Modification Part 21 J

We hold EASA approval to design modifications to aircraft, systems and equipment in avionic, hydro-mechanical and structural fields. We have designed modifications from changing the seating layout and installing photoluminescent floorpath lighting, to installing TCAS, EGPWS and RVSM avionic systems and rerouting flying controls.

Our approval covers ALL Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft, aeroplanes and helicopters and Annex II aircraft.

We also have arrangements with several FAA DER’s (Designated Engineering Representatives) to achieve certification requirements where 8110-3 or FAA STC’s are required.

MOD Design Approval UK.MAA.DAOS.0011

Design Approval Certification for Military Aircraft and Airborne Equipment

Entitles us to provide

  • Modification and repairs to fixed and rotary wing aircraft, including special installations and the external mounting of equipment.
  • Approval of standalone and system associated components, parts, appliances and their associated structural fixtures and fittings.
  • To deliver post design services.